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Saturday, 13 July 2013

ajax nets

hello captain of the Gopez 1, my nets F/V Ajax

1..50.40.4 50.38.8
008.34.6 008.36.8

2..50.39.1 50.37.4
008.37.9 008.44.00

3..50.39.4 50.38.4
008.42.6 008.48.9

possable you give positions to fv spica
thank you .....Alan

Saturday, 6 July 2013

We have been w/fishing the last couple days on wrecks and hard ground but
fishing poor and lots of damage to pollock from seals so we decided to the
hake again shot away this morning at 7am and have 4mile hauled now at 9pm
tonight for 1100kg keep this fishing up we will be in for tuesday markets in
Newlyn and Brixham with Fresh Hake few days old I email buyers in morning..
Working 130NW lands End today not alot of trawlers around couple Spanish
ships F/V Manual Laura and F/V Faro Picamillo working west of our gear 1
French prawn trawler working SE of us Ar Zantez

Friday, 5 July 2013

Good morning
We had good trips this past few weeks and happy with prices also, this
tripnwe decided to go wreck fishing as hake quota is getting very tight so
we did.....shot wrecks and some highg ground for pollock and a waste of time
had 17bxs all and lots of seal damage on the wrecks. So we hauled and
shifted west for some hake, got down here and only one French prawn trawler
here F/V Ar Zantez no problem working together. Couple days fishing here now
and land for mon/tue market in Newlyn and Brixham...#EatMoreFish