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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hake fishing!

Good Morning all

its been a while since I wrote on our blog.. Been busy really with fishing
and other topics when I was off, new web site set up for the fish fight
cause they also can be found on twitter @TRFFSOFC we also ask all to use
hashtag #EatMoreFish when tweeting about local caught fish...Now whats been going on with us Hake fishing.....

We been working East on the grounds this spring as fishing been very good
this year, hake prices been good aslo this year as lot more been eating in
UK now as it should be. Some of the other netters has changed over to Monk
fishing so this leaves 3netters working hake at the moment. Weather been not
too bad working the SW approaches this year so far in saying that we been
dodging in SW 9-10 last night and have only shot gear now at 6am this
morning as wind dropped to 6-8WNW, going to do few more dayds fishing and
will be landing on Newlyn and Brixham markets for monday morning..

After this trip we are tieing up for 3week as we have work to do on this
ould girl painting,new winch going in and general maintance electric and
pipe work to change so no fish from us for a tide in 1st week of May...
I leave it at that we hauling here now for few days 60mile SE of Old head of
Kinsale weather looking good after today, as always I will keep info of
fishing on our twitter account and email our buyers so take care

Regards Alan