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Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Time:Oct 2 2013 1:53PM (UTC)

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Monday, 23 September 2013

We are ready for sea now, going to look for some hake this trip along with
cod,pollock and coley...hope to work some wrecks along with our hake nets to
the west
weather looks ok for this 1st half of the tide
I will keep in touch with our buyers as the week goes on

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Saturday, 13 July 2013

ajax nets

hello captain of the Gopez 1, my nets F/V Ajax

1..50.40.4 50.38.8
008.34.6 008.36.8

2..50.39.1 50.37.4
008.37.9 008.44.00

3..50.39.4 50.38.4
008.42.6 008.48.9

possable you give positions to fv spica
thank you .....Alan

Saturday, 6 July 2013

We have been w/fishing the last couple days on wrecks and hard ground but
fishing poor and lots of damage to pollock from seals so we decided to the
hake again shot away this morning at 7am and have 4mile hauled now at 9pm
tonight for 1100kg keep this fishing up we will be in for tuesday markets in
Newlyn and Brixham with Fresh Hake few days old I email buyers in morning..
Working 130NW lands End today not alot of trawlers around couple Spanish
ships F/V Manual Laura and F/V Faro Picamillo working west of our gear 1
French prawn trawler working SE of us Ar Zantez

Friday, 5 July 2013

Good morning
We had good trips this past few weeks and happy with prices also, this
tripnwe decided to go wreck fishing as hake quota is getting very tight so
we did.....shot wrecks and some highg ground for pollock and a waste of time
had 17bxs all and lots of seal damage on the wrecks. So we hauled and
shifted west for some hake, got down here and only one French prawn trawler
here F/V Ar Zantez no problem working together. Couple days fishing here now
and land for mon/tue market in Newlyn and Brixham...#EatMoreFish

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Its our 2nd trip back after painting and new winch put in we back here in
same area and the same couple of Spanish 32m trawlers still here towing up
and down same tows.
We have all our gear shot away now at 4.30am today and staet hauling at
14.30hrs this afternoon, if fishing is the same or something like last trip
we should be back for Monday or Tuesday markets in Newlyn and Brixham.
We will keep in touch with buyers during the trip.
Weather fine light NNW breeze daylight coming into the sky 145mile WNW of
Lands End we are fishing today

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hake fishing!

Good Morning all

its been a while since I wrote on our blog.. Been busy really with fishing
and other topics when I was off, new web site set up for the fish fight
cause they also can be found on twitter @TRFFSOFC we also ask all to use
hashtag #EatMoreFish when tweeting about local caught fish...Now whats been going on with us Hake fishing.....

We been working East on the grounds this spring as fishing been very good
this year, hake prices been good aslo this year as lot more been eating in
UK now as it should be. Some of the other netters has changed over to Monk
fishing so this leaves 3netters working hake at the moment. Weather been not
too bad working the SW approaches this year so far in saying that we been
dodging in SW 9-10 last night and have only shot gear now at 6am this
morning as wind dropped to 6-8WNW, going to do few more dayds fishing and
will be landing on Newlyn and Brixham markets for monday morning..

After this trip we are tieing up for 3week as we have work to do on this
ould girl painting,new winch going in and general maintance electric and
pipe work to change so no fish from us for a tide in 1st week of May...
I leave it at that we hauling here now for few days 60mile SE of Old head of
Kinsale weather looking good after today, as always I will keep info of
fishing on our twitter account and email our buyers so take care

Regards Alan

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Working 40 miles north west of Land's End

We came in tuesday morning out of the poor weather last 2days and had good
prices for our fish on Newlyn market. We left Newlyn again this afternoon in
Northerly gales and we back up here now on the fishing grounds, the weather
has dropped right away this evening . Going to try around the same area as
the last few days, have a couple of hauls and be back in Newlyn Saturday or
Sunday morning for Mondays market again, we working 40mile NW Lands End.

The Sparkling Line is here also working a couple mile Sw of us .....Alan

PS Dont talk to me about discards I will write a blog later when ashore about that lot!!!!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

All the gear shot away now 30mile NW of the Isles of Scilly. Weather has
dropped out of it and its a fine night. The Sparkling Line is shot here
South of us. We get hauling before dinnertime tomorrow and hope for a bit of
mixed fish and not too much Cod. Will try and have some fish on Tue/Wed

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Good hake fishing

Well well well that was a hard week fishing 180mile west of Lands End. When
we left Newlyn the other day was fine day steaming that was it Gales every
day after that. 

Fishing was good we had 40bxs hake 1st day then 50 2nd day a
80box day and 60bxs yday. Sunday night was worst night had to stop working
due to NW gale strong gales at times and very strong gusts. We rolled some
nets on monday due to the large swell that came into the water and our gear
shifted around the ground up to a mile in places. We had no traffic to speak
of only two 30m Spanish trawlers 'Pesca Baqueiro Tres' and the 'Rio da

We left the fishing grounds last night at 6pm our ETA Newlyn is
1700hrs thiss evening we have 230bxs hake aboard and 35bxs of w/fish most XLwhiting and haddock. Landing our hake on Newlyn and Brixham fishmarkets for sale on Thursday morning.

All the best till next time

Saturday, 19 January 2013

We have our gear shot now 24hrs after leaving Newlyn yesterday morning. Hake
fishing poor with a couple of boats working east 70mile from Newlyn so we
now 70mile west of thoes boats at the moment, No Spanish here 2 Irish
netters working NW of us. weather not too bad at min have NW3-5. Start work
later tonight and haul through the dark hours. We hope to have hake back for
Wed/Thurs morning market in Newlyn and Brixham. I will keep in touch with
our buyers during the weekend with our daily hake catch.....

Monday, 7 January 2013

Hello all hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. We are just on our
way ashore from our 1st trip of the new year. We had 4 days fishing for
180bxs hake and 60bxs of mixed white fish. This trip we were working WNW
155mile of lands End in area ground known as Pistola Bank (named by Spanish
fishermen because of the banks shape like a pistol). Fishing was very pacchy
this tide with some teirs doing 700kg hake and more doing 35kg hake. Weather
had been ok all trip 4-6 southerly. We have see only one Spanish trawler
working NE of is and 4-5 French trawlers steaming NW.
Our fish will be on Newlyn and Brixham fishmarkets on Wedensday morning
Till next time