Latest fishing news from the Ajax

Monday, 29 October 2012

We are on our last day today, Its been a fresh week with NE gales at start
of trip and SW gales last night but its very fine now this morning. We have
a few French prawn trawlers here this morning Ar Zantez,
Pluton,Bucccin,Alphaver and the Hunure Gouet. We have 150bxs hake 50bxs
mixed white fish aboard for markets in Newlyn and Brixham on Thursday
morning. Hauling tonight and be on way home tomorrow morning.......Alan

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Its been a fresh few days at sea this weekend strong NE wind since we left
Newlyn on thurs, we have done 3 hauls so far for 100bxs hake 40bxs w/fish,
we working more west now 50.00N..008.37W the French prawn trawler Ar Zantez
still here east of us also, other than that no boats around. Weather is fine
tonight light winds but we have 5-7 SW tomorrow. Going to try and do
another couple days but the tide is very strong after tomorrow we will see.
Hake are good run 2-4kg fish. We will be in for wed/thurs

Friday, 26 October 2012

Morning , all seems to be going ok this trip we shot couple mile of gear for
Pollock around 3am and shot 8 mile of Hake gear at 6am, we are down SW end
of the Pit ground 50.01N...008.30W with 2 French prawn trawlers, Ar Zantez
& Buccin working E & NE of us, some small fish marks around ground which I
hope are mackerel or scad. Weather is ok at moment NE 5 all seems ok with

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Ajax gearbox repairs complete - sailing for the fish today

After a major gearbox failure at the start of the last trip, the Newlyn netter Ajax is finally given the thumbs up form the engineers at Penwith Marine Services evidenced by the AIS image which shows the boat thankfully steaming away from Nerwlyn on route to the fishing grounds west of the Scillies.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Ajax back in action!

She is in gear and running smooth give her a bollard test now at steaming revs, looking good 

Defra data

The most recent set of landing figures provided by the MMO have a whole 1 tonne of hake landed in Brixham from February to August this year. Which seems strange as the Newlyn netter Ajax alone has been landing regular quantities in excess of 1 tonne for much of the year? 

A simple explanation will hopefully be forthcoming - it could be that because the fish is landed in Newlyn and shipped by road to Brixham that for the purposes of the MMO the fish remains in Newlyn? Seems likely!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Ajax gearbox news

Looks like things are moving ahead with the Ajax's gearbox saga!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Gearbox problem hits the Ajax

Towed into Penzance wet dock on Saturday morning by the Lamorna, the Ajax is now waiting on the engineers at Penwith Marine Services to strip down the gearbox and determine the nature of the problem. Either way, it looks like the boat will miss this neap tide.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Ajax under tow and not a fish on board!

On the end of a long rope with a few hours to go
The Newlyn netter, Ajax is tonight being towed back to Newlyn by the St Mary's lifeboat after breaking down well west od the Scillies...

the VesselTracker AIS shows the route taken by both boats. The Penlee lifeboat Ivan Ellen is due to take over the tow later.