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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ajax with gear now shot

The Ajax can be seen here over 100 miles west of Land's End.

We have our gear shot now 14hrs after leaving Newlyn. Weather is good 2-4NNE
warm day here. There is 1 other netter here with us Fv Sowenna from Union
Hall in Ireland. Today is his 2nd day here so there seems to be a sign of
hake on the ground, we not going to leave these long in the water we will
start hauling around 4am tomorrow to see what the fishing is like, if
fishing is ok we will try and get back to Newlyn for Fridays market and some
to Brixham fish fest via @passion4fish. our position is 50.08N...008.20W
working in 72-74ftm water