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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Back on the hake fishing grounds again

We have arrived back down where we worked last week gear all shot for 4am.

This trip we will have to lease quota for hake we catch in UK waters so we
must pay around 40p for every Kilo of hake we take onboard so lets hope
prices on the markets reflects this as we are now paying to catch UK fish
,land in UK and eating in UK. There are no boats in the area Fv Charisma
gone ashore to land this morning. Weather is not as fine as it was last week
we have 3-5 WNW.

It's the bottom of the neap tide today so we hope hake will start
to move across the ground from this evening onwords as the tide kicks.
Position 50.10N...008.12W we will start to haul in 12hrs around 3-4pm this
afternoon going to work again in 72-74ftm and work from there, last week we
ended up in 68ftm as the tide cut.....take care