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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Morning all
Well is was a poor night last night and this morning also down here
50.10N...008.20W Northerly gales , we shot away our hake gear at 1am today
is our last haul of the trip on way home when we finish i the early hours
We haave 110bxs w/fish and 30bxs hake for the week it was hard to gather
them this trip poor neap tide. Landing for Newlyn market friday morning and
what we hake we catch today we put on monday market as they were alot of
hake landed this week already. Only netter here today with us is Charisma
PW45 from Padstow he on his way ashore tonight also.....

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tiz a hard life at times!

Afternoon all

Havent sent in blog in couple of days weather been poor SE gales then NW
gales fishing been poor also and we steaming around looking for w/fish
anyway we down on hake ground now for tomorrow see how we get , only couple more days left to do. They been not many boats about Charisma PW45 netting here as is the Sowenna, We be ashore for thurs/fri morning tide finished, hard work this one was looking for w/fish anyway talk soon.....

see ya soon


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Worst days fishing!

Well today was the worst day fishing we had in a long long time we had 180kg
of mixed fish for the day. We have shifted 45mile SW and shot again and I
bet it wont be much better. We have E/SE gales to look forword to tomorrow.

Going hake fishing Monday night!

Friday, 21 September 2012

First shot for the tide chasing white fish

Good evening all

We have our gear shot for w/fish this week North this week 51.00N...007.00W.
There are plenty of fish marks around the ground. We have 4 Irish beam
trawlers and 3 french trawlers working to the NE of us. I think we will be
working for the week from here to SW area as we prob be shifting most days,
hake will be scarce in this area so we hope for cod,haddock,ling,pollock and
saithe with some large 1-2kg whithing. Then again its bvee a long time since
we were w/fishing in this area more that 3 1/2yrs. hake quota is reason we
here now but will try hake for a day neaar the end of tide next week


Departure: MFV AJAX, Port: PENZANCE

Time:Sep 21 2012 4:45AM (UTC)

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Friday, 14 September 2012

Thursday, 13 September 2012

We are on the way home now 110mile to Newlyn good sign of hake today with
the tide kicking, We will have 110bxs for Newlyn and same for Brixham
markets on monday. There is fresh WSW breeze here today and 3 French prawn
trawlers arrived this afternoon Fv La Murex, Le Jusant and La Houle. We
have week off now over the spring tides. Home to be with my daughter on her
2nd birthday.............................................
Weather we are hake fishing next week depends on demand and quota lease.
Good morning
I have just started my watch , it finishes at 7,45 then we start to board
our gear as this is last day of the tide. We have 130bxs hake aboard at the
moment. We have been fishing in same area all trip we have had no French or
Irish prawn trawlers wanting to work this area this trip.
We should be ashore in Newlyn tomorrow around 10-11am where we will be
landing our hake for Newlyn and Brixham fishmarkets for monday morning.
Reports at sea yesterday was that the hake prices were very poor so lets
hope this picks up again at the start of next week.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Today's hake fishing news

We have just finished hauling and gear shot back fishing is a bit slacker
today but hope to pick up tomorrow as tide kicks and gets stronger. 

Hello Dennis on the Fv Caronia Gloria - there are no French trawlers here with us
only the FV Broceliande steaming NW across the ground. If you are coming this
way drop us a fax and I will give you our lines of gear OK, talk to ya soon

Back on the hake fishing grounds again

We have arrived back down where we worked last week gear all shot for 4am.

This trip we will have to lease quota for hake we catch in UK waters so we
must pay around 40p for every Kilo of hake we take onboard so lets hope
prices on the markets reflects this as we are now paying to catch UK fish
,land in UK and eating in UK. There are no boats in the area Fv Charisma
gone ashore to land this morning. Weather is not as fine as it was last week
we have 3-5 WNW.

It's the bottom of the neap tide today so we hope hake will start
to move across the ground from this evening onwords as the tide kicks.
Position 50.10N...008.12W we will start to haul in 12hrs around 3-4pm this
afternoon going to work again in 72-74ftm and work from there, last week we
ended up in 68ftm as the tide cut.....take care


Monday, 10 September 2012

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Hake are feeding on blue whiting and mackerel

Good evening

Weather was very fine and warm today we started tto haul at 5am and finished
now, fishing was quite to start with but it picked up this afternoon. We
will be shooting back our gear in and around same area for tomorrow. There
seems to be plenty of mackerel and blue whithing today which the hake are
feeding on, Hake are a good 2-4kg run of fish. We wont be landing in Newlyn
in morning as its too late now for market as we 100mile away. We haul hake
nets tomorrow then go looking for some Ling, Saithe and Pollack on saturday.

We will have Hake on Newlyn and Brixham markets on monday morning.


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ajax with gear now shot

The Ajax can be seen here over 100 miles west of Land's End.

We have our gear shot now 14hrs after leaving Newlyn. Weather is good 2-4NNE
warm day here. There is 1 other netter here with us Fv Sowenna from Union
Hall in Ireland. Today is his 2nd day here so there seems to be a sign of
hake on the ground, we not going to leave these long in the water we will
start hauling around 4am tomorrow to see what the fishing is like, if
fishing is ok we will try and get back to Newlyn for Fridays market and some
to Brixham fish fest via @passion4fish. our position is 50.08N...008.20W
working in 72-74ftm water

Departure: MFV AJAX, Port: PENZANCE

Time:Sep 5 2012 12:26AM (UTC)

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Hake fishing - the Ajax at sea

Landing at 9am on Bank Holiday Monday morning in time for the 22 nd Fish Festival, the Newlyn netter Ajax put over 30 boxes of fish ashore after a lightning two day trip in order to land top quality hake for use on displays and the fish filleting competition.  Festival organisers were lucky enough to have Cornophile Caroline Quentin on hand to perform the opening ceremony and she also made time to watch the crew of the Ajax land their fish alongside the market. Expect to see footage of her talking to the crew and skipper Alan Dwan in her forthcoming TV series n ITV later this year.