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Monday, 21 May 2012

Message from Inmarsat-C Mobile

Well, we're on the way home with a trip of fish, its been a long week
since we left Newlyn last Tue morning been fish west side of Labadie
Bank then shifted North 26mile and done rest of trip up there 50.50N
08.30W. Weather been good few boats around.Yday was worse day we
rolled nets had no fish and lots of "Glit"in gear very heavy at times
had Irish fishery patrol aboard for look around all in all not bad
week> We have 230bxs for Brixham and Newlyn Markets for tue morning
ETA Newlyn 1430hrs 21/5/12 off now for 2days then we back for another
go at it....Alan

Fisherman speak: "Glit" in the gear - skipper Alan is referring to a covering of microscopic green or brown algae that adheres to the net. The algae affects the fishing properties of the normally translucent net which when covered in alge makes it more visible to fish - in turn, the fish then tend to avoid getting caught.

The boats that fish for Cornish Sardines will be interested to know that the netters are being affected by glit - every year the occurrence of glit in the water is normally associated with the appearance of sardines closer inshore and the start of the summer fishery - look out for sardine landings soon!