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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Message from Inmarsat-C Mobile

Th green arrow indicates the current (approximate) postion of the Ajax while she is fishing - some 133 miles from Penzance)
We have a few problems wit our SatC and fax machine, Fishing has been
poor this week so far. We have shifted west to 51.00N..08.30W the
weather have not been nice this trip NE gales mostly and giving
very poor for tonight and sunday, we are going to try and fish away
and land for Brixham and Newlyn markets on wed morning. I will try
and keep buyers up to date if our SatC stays working.. We have 110bxs
aboardf at moment

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dodging in poor weather

After steaming almost 100 miles north west of Land's End and having shot her gear last night, the netter Ajax reports that she is now dodging (keeping the boat head-to-wind in order to reduce the effect of the bad weather) alongside the Padstow netter, Sparkling Line. The boats are not too far from the Kinsale Gas Field and the site of the wreck, Luistania, which is about 12 miles off Kinsale Head..

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Time:Apr 17 2012 5:26PM (UTC)

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Message from Inmarsat-C Mobile

Well this week was hard work looking for Hake and trying to pin them
down we done 950miles anywhere from 50miles west of lands end to 170
mile west of it.
Weather been ok so far till today which is not to bad at moment
WNW 7-9 we steaming the right way home. We have ended up with a trip
hopefully with 125bxs hake and 30bxs w/fish. We be in Newlyn at 7pm
this evening and landing our Hake to Newlyn and Brixham for the
wedensday morning market. Weather is poor for next few days and tides
are making again so we have 4-5days off

Friday, 13 April 2012

Message from Inmarsat-C Mobile

just arrived - we have just arrived at fishing grounds now after 14hrs steaming
west. Waiting for tide to turn SW to shoot. Weather is very fine and
they no boats in area at the moment. Fishing was poor yday back east
where we been fishing the past month had 400kg Hake only. Fishing
position now is 50.12N..09.57W. Had Hake here plenty of times over
the past years around this time
We keep in touch with our Buyers as days go on.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New page on the Ajax web site

New to the Ajax web site is an entire page devoted to delicious hake recipes. First chef to contribute a hake dish is Rick Stein from his new BBC book, Spain. Hake is eaten by more Spanish speaking people than any other fish and with good reason - it's top of the versatility table and is almost bone free - great for kids and those fussy friends!

#hake #recipes

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Quick turnaround

Just over two hundred boxes of hake landed, 100 for Brixham and the remainder for Newlyn's Monday morning market come ashore from the boat. After taking 6 tonnes of ice on board its tome for a ten hour steam back to the grounds where the nets are still in the water - and there's plenty of French boats in the area to watch out for.